In Washington, the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line. Having the right strategy is essential to getting your legislative goals accomplished. Since 1989, John Feehery has been helping people both inside and outside the Congress develop the right strategies.


Advocacy in Washington is changing. Cutting deals in smoke-filled rooms doesn't cut it any more. Having an advocate who knows both the media and the members is essential to winning the day. John Feehery's extensive network of contacts on the Hill, on K Street and in the media rivals that of anybody else in Washington.


Is your industry perceived in a positive light or is it seen as a villain? Is somebody trying to put you out of business?  Does Congress see you as a potential pay-for?  Do you have a story that needs to be told to members of Congress?   It all depends on your positioning. John Feehery can help your company or industry position itself in the best possible light, to achieve your legislative goals.


What is your message? Does it make sense to a member of Congress? What is your elevator pitch? Do you have a soundbite that boils down what you are trying to achieve? For two decades, John Feehery has developed messages that work in the Congress, inside the beltway and with the national media. From the sound-bite to the more extensive and complicated presentation, Feehery knows how to make the right arguments, how to capture control of the right question, and how to boil down the essential ingredients to craft a winning message.

Crisis Communications Management

We help you manage communications crises: Feehery has seen his fair share of big communications crises. From the coup against Newt Gingrich, to the Capitol Hill shooting, to the tragic events surrounding 9/11 to a myriad of other events big and small, Feehery has seen what strategies work and which ones don't to help deal with intense media interest in a story. He has seen firestorms, and he has helped put out fires. Knowing the difference between fighting a fire and feeding a fire is not an exact science, but wisdom and instinct come from experience. And Feehery has that experience.